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Hand-made and natural baking processes

Cook. Taste. Inspire.


Skip the drive and order our 2 top chako’s lunch combos through doordash!

  1. Katsu Sando (Fried pork sandwich with salad)

2. Karaage Sando (Fried chicken sandwich with salad)



Great food creates great community. Chako believes in using hand-made and natural baking processes with unique Japanese ingredients and fresh seasonal produce from local farmers. Served with the Japanese hospitality concept of “Omotenashi”


open hours & location

  • Tuesday to SUNDAY: 11:00am~5:00PM

  • Cooking Class (monday with appointment)

  • 611 main street Covington KY 41011


Dinner event (aug.17th)

ONLY 20 seats / $35 for 9 course of Japanese traditional home style dinner. Call to check availability.



Katsu-Sando is Japanese style fried pork sandwich. Limited to 20 serving per day (first comes first gets it). In addition, there is a special menu only on Fridays.


Bread & Pastry

Taste Chako's delightful bread & pastry that uses our handmade and natural baking processes with local, unique, and seasonal flavors. 

Great experience with great food
— Cooking Class Attendee